May 5, 2020

Key expert Giselle Linares has joined the team

With experience from EM processing in the oil industry and her newfound dedication in data science, Linares aims to enhance product quality for EMerald Geomodelling’s clients.

Giselle Linares on her first airborne geoscanning survey just after she started working for EMerald Geomodelling

As a young company, EMerald Geomodelling continuously seeks expertise to enhance and develop its unique ideas further.

– Linares is an excellent example of what a start-up is looking for. Engagement and continuously on the search to learn, understand and know more, says Andreas Pfaffhuber, CEO of EMerald Geomodelling.

International experience

Giselle Linares was born and raised in Venezuela where she also finished her BSc in Geophysics. After working for WesternGeco Schlumberger both in Libya and the UK she started her MSc in Geophysics applied to the environment, from the Pierre et Marie Curie University in France. The degree brought her to EMGS – a Norwegian company using EM methods to support oil companies in the search for hydrocarbons.

– By combining my knowledge in data processing, my interest in data science and international experience I hope to strengthen the EMerald Geomodelling team and the deliveries to our clients, says Linares.

Linares’ experience working as a geoscientist gave insights in processing, inversion and interpretation, but it also sparked an interest in how to manage the data. This resulted in further studies and specialization in Geographic Information System (GIS) and Python programming on the road to become a data scientist.

Key to unlock data

The techniques for extracting subsurface data has been unchanged for decades. EMerald Geomodelling uses technological knowhow to give better insights in what we cannot see below the surface.

– I hope to exploit my international experience and combine this with data in order to enhance the output of our workflows, says Linares.

The key is not only to understand data, but enhance them to get the best possible output. Building an understanding gives better processing skills.

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