July 9, 2024

Andi Pfaffhuber appointed as EAGE board member and Chair of Near Surface Geoscience Circle

EMerald Geomodelling announces CEO Dr. Andreas Aspmo Pfaffhuber's appointment as Chair of the Near Surface Geoscience Circle (NSGC) and EAGE board member.

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EMerald Geomodelling is proud to announce that our CEO, Dr. Andreas Aspmo Pfaffhuber, has been appointed as the Chair of the Near Surface Geoscience Circle (NSGC) and with this as board member of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE). This role underscores Dr. Pfaffhuber's passion for developing the field of applied geoscience, particularly in industries not related to energy exploration or extrusion.

Dr. Andreas Aspmo Pfaffhuber

The Importance of EAGE and its Circles

The EAGE, the leading Europan association in geoscience with more than 4.000 global members, consists of three key Circles - the Oil and Gas Geoscience Circle (OGGC), the Near Surface Geoscience Circle (NSGC), and the Sustainable Energy Circle.

Each Circle is led by a committee responsible for its development and activities which aims to support and promote the professional interests of EAGE members. The Circles collaborate closely and are represented on the EAGE Board to ensure a comprehensive approach to advancing geoscience.

The Near Surface Geoscience Circle

The NSGC is dedicated to advancing geoscience applications related to the shallow subsurface, including fields such as geophysics, geotechnics, engineering geology, mining, geothermal investigation, environment, hydrogeology, archaeology, forensics, and soil science.

The Circle aims to foster the application of geoscience techniques in near-surface contexts. Promote education and research in these areas. Facilitate communication between geophysicists and data users, and provide forums for technical information exchange through meetings, workshops, and seminars.

Andi Pfaffhuber's Vision and Goals

Andi’s journey with EAGE began as a student, and since then he has always maintained the importance of being an active member of EAGE’s Near Surface Circle. In his own words, Andi shared,

"Could you imagine Geoscience without EAGE? I couldn’t! Since my student days, I have been an active member of EAGE giving me access to an environment of mutual sharing and learning. This is the spirit I want to spread amongst young professionals as well as distinguished experts."

As the founder and CEO of EMerald Geomodelling, Andi is committed to leveraging geoscience for sustainable development by minimizing resource use, reducing costs, and preventing schedule overruns through a better understanding of ground conditions. This, in turn, contributes to lower carbon emissions.

Andi envisions a key role for Near Surface Geoscience in the energy transition from fossil fuels to green energy, emphasizing its significance in the future of geoscience. He sees EAGE as an essential partner that provides platforms for publication, conferences, and workshops, establishing collaboration and building lasting professional relationships.

The Path Ahead

We are confident that Andi's leadership will drive the "Non Energy” Circle to new heights, enhancing the field through innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development. EMerald Geomodelling congratulates Andreas A Pfaffhuber on his appointment and looks forward to the exciting advancements that will come under his leadership.

We hope to see you at the Near Surface Geoscience 2024 conferences and exhibitions this fall, where we can explore new advancements and opportunities together.

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