January 20, 2022

EMerald Geomodelling conducts organizational restructuring to set up for growth year

With new projects, new clients and new technology in the pipeline, 2022 will be a busy year for EMerald Geomodelling. To tackle the increased activity, the company is making organizational changes.

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2021 was a record year for EMerald Geomodelling in terms of activity and we expect 2022 to surpass that greatly. The leadership group has therefore decided to implement some changes in the organization, to be better fit to take on the tasks ahead.

Anne Rasmussen will step up to Director of Operations continuing building a robust operations group to prove value to EMerald’s customers. Rasmussen has had responsibility for turn-key projects since 2020 and brings COO experience to the leadership group.

André Araujo takes over from Ronny Liverød as Director of Business Development. Liverød, one of EMerald’s founders, will now focus on the company’s long-term development, as he enters the role as VP Strategic Development. Araujo joined EMerald in early 2021 and rapidly established the South American market. He brings experience from developing and running infrastructure companies in Brazil.

Ed Harrison is taking the helm of EMerald’s technology group as Director of Development. 2022 is a year with ambitious development expansion towards risk reducing ground models. Harrison builds on the strong foundation that EMerald’s departing CTO Arnaud Le Breton leaves behind. As EMerald’s first employee, Harrison brings deep insights into the nuts and bolts of the tech behind EMerald’s products.

CEO of EMerald Geomodelling, Andi A. Pfaffhuber, believes these changes makes the company better equipped to tackle the opportunities that lie ahead.

“We have a great new leadership team, and we believe these organizational changes will help us get the best out of our diverse pool of skills in the years to come. We’re aiming to make big strides in 2022, both on the technology and business side and this restructuring will be an essential part of this.”, says Pfaffhuber.  

From left to right: Anne Rasmussen, Andi A Pfaffhuber, Ed Harrison and André Araujo.

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