January 11, 2024

Meet Kristoffer: EMeralds' New Chairman of the Board

We introduce EMeralds' new Chairman of the Board, Kristoffer, and explore how his expertise in geotechnics and technology will drive the company's success.

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We are delighted to introduce Kristoffer Skjolden Skau as our new Chairman of the Board.  

Kristoffer holds both a Master´s and a PhD from NTNU. He currently has the position of Director of Geodata and Technology at the Norwegian geotechnical Institute (NGI). His extensive career with NGI covers both land-based and offshore activities, including roles in consultancy, research, project management, and leading the geodata technology division. His deep understanding of data-driven operations aligns well with EMerald´s needs and challenges.

He recognizes the risks associated with insufficient knowledge of project conditions and emphasizes the importance of avoiding mistakes, saving time and money, and harnessing data-driven decision-making. His expertise in working with data complements EMerald´s core focus on analytics and technology.  

Kristoffer is enthusiastic about contributing to EMerald´s strategic direction and clarifying the value that EMerald offers. He acknowledges the important role EMerald plays in addressing uncertainty in ground conditions, a repeated challenge in infrastructure projects.
Recognizing EMerald's technology, he acknowledges its potential to make a substantial impact on society's fundamental challenges.

Our new Chairman of the Board

The journey ahead

“I am looking forward to the journey ahead and am thrilled to contribute to EMerald’s success”.

Kristoffer and EMerald aim to succeed in the new markets that they have entered, particularly in Brazil and India, by showcasing the power and value of EMerald´s technology. Utilizing the drone technology not only offers scalability and access to diverse markets but also has the potential to enhance EMerald´s position as suggested by Kristoffer. Furthermore, exploring potential new markets, such as ground conditions mapping and quick clay mapping in Norway and Sweden, presents exciting opportunities.  

Kristoffer´s role as Chairman of the Board brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and a strong vision for Emerald’s growth and success. We eagerly look forward to an exciting path ahead.

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