August 21, 2023

Meet us in person this autumn!

This autumn throughout late August to November, EMerald will be participating in five prestigious conferences spanning across three continents!

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This autumn throughout late August to November, EMerald will be participating in five prestigious conferences spanning across three continents! Dedicated expert team members will be travelling the globe to share insights about EMerald´s revolutionary technology and solutions, while also gaining valuable knowledge and experience from other representatives in the industry.  

Please find a comprehensive overview of the events along with EMerald’s respective presentations outlined below. To follow the journey, you can also join us on LinkedIn to get the latest updates directly from the conferences.  

We are very much looking forward to meeting you in person, make sure to reach out to the relevant EMerald participants to secure a face-to-face meeting in Brazil, Ireland, Scotland or Australia!

August: Brazil & Ireland

12th IHHA conference

Date: 27 – 31. August  
: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
Representatives: Priscila Rodrigues, Andi A. Pfaffhuber & André Luiz Araujo Silva.  

The IHHA conference of 2023 takes place in RIO de Janeiro, Brazil, and centers around the theme of application of heavy haul innovations for a sustainable world. EMerald is proud to announce its participation through our Brazil country manager Priscila Rodrigues, CEO Andi A. Pfaffhuber and Business Development Director André Luiz Araujo Silva. You will find us at booth 25 in the exhibition hall.

During the conference, EMerald, in collaboration with Rumo Logistica, will present the outcomes derived from an extensive geoscanning investigation conducted on the first segment of a newly established 730-km-long railway in Mato Grosso, Brazil. Rumo’s Jose Carlos Silva alongside EMerald’s Andi A. Pfaffhuber will show how results of those investigations have not only resulted in immediate cost savings in follow-up investigations (33% reduction in investigative costs), but also led to indirect savings by reducing risk. For instance, the results show a reduction of 30% in uncertainty related to the estimation of rock excavation costs when compared to a conventional, borehole-only workflow.  

ISMLG conference

Date: 29. August – 01. September  
: University College Cork, UK
Representatives: Craig W. Christensen & Egil Möller

The 4th international symposium on machine learning & big data in geoscience (ISMLG) takes place at the University College Cork in Ireland. The theme of the symposium is Data-centric solutions for reshaping the next generation geo-industries, and EMerald will be present at the symposium through our key machine learning developers VP Technology Craig W. Christensen and Senior Developer Egil Möller.  

After long delays due to COVID, Christensen will, for the first time, publicly present EMerald´s specialized machine-learning algorithm to model quick clay occurrence from airborne geophysical data. This algorithm combines geotechnical soundings, lab data, and airborne electromagnetics to model the probability of material types such as these hazardous clay deposits. The study illustrates the potential of this technology using field data from a highway planning project in central Norway.

September: UK & Australia

Near Surface Geoscience conference and exhibition

Date: 3 – 7. September
: Edinburgh, UK  
Representatives: Benjamin R. Bloss

The Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition takes place in Edinburgh, UK, and provides a platform to discuss near surface challenges the world is currently facing. As part of the parallel conference on Geophysics for Infrastructure Planning, monitoring and BIM, EMerald Geophysicist Benjamin R. Bloss will present a study that showcases how automatic, machine learning (ML) based, interpretation of densely sampled geophysical data is feasible and can be conducted in a time efficient manner.

EMerald has been using artificial neural networks (ANNs) for automatically interpreting geological interfaces in airborne EM data since 2017. At the EAGE conference, Bloss will present a new study showing how our interpretation algorithms also are viable for ground-based geophysics. In this specific case, EMerald used a tTEM system to support investigation of a potential site of the Einstein Telescope in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine region. Using only minimal user input and ANN-based algorithm, EMerald was able to model the bedrock interface, a critical parameter for designing a large, planned tunnel.

8th International AEM Workshop

Date: 3 – 7. September
: Fitzroy Island, QLD, Australia
Representatives: Andi A. Pfaffhuber

The 8th International Airborne Electromagnetics workshop 2023 takes place at Fitzroy Island in QLD, Australia, and encompass advances in airborne electromagnetic system, modelling and interpretation. The event is a rare opportunity and the first time since 2018 that the global technical community compares notes on the latest breakthroughs in the field.

EMerald’s founder and CEO, Andi A. Pfaffhuber is one of seven invited speakers and will deliver a keynote talk about how AEM facilitates highly efficient geotechnical investigations and infrastructure planning. Pfaffhuber will also present results from a pilot project with a small and light weight prototype sensor as an insight into an ongoing joint development project towards a drone-based airborne geoscanning solution.

November: India

2nd Indian Near Surface Geophysics Conference and Exhibition

Date: 7 – 8. November
New Delhi, India
Representatives: Andi A. Pfaffhuber, Zahidur Rahman Arnob

The 2nd Indian Near Surface Geophysics Conference and Exhibition takes place in New Delhi, India, building on the success of the first event of its kind before the pandemic. The conference brings together global experts in engineering and environmental geophysics, and Indian stakeholders with experience from a booming infrastructure industry. EMerald will be present in the exhibition and contribute to the technical program.  

EMerald’s CEO and Principal Geophysicist Andi A. Pfaffhuber will illustrate how airborne geophysics, geotechnical data, and machine learning provided key insights for tunneling engineers in an Indian tunnel project, particularly in identifying weak rock units. In late 2020, in the high reaches of the Himalayas, EMerald undertook their most logistically challenging airborne investigation to date. In the remote, rugged region, where geotechnical investigations are extremely challenging, ground conditions along 3 road tunnels was revealed and key results will be presented in the presentation.

We look forward to an exciting autumn engaging with peers, sharing knowledge and learning from others in the industry!  

Stay informed about EMerald´s valuable contributions and insights throughout these events by following us on LinkedIn.  

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