March 5, 2024

EMerald's India Journeys: Unveiling Geophysical Innovations and Strategic Partnerships

Reflecting on the autumn months gone by, we are thrilled to share the adventures of our recent visits to India. Join us as we unveil the highlights of our travels and the exciting collaborations that have been made.

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Indian Near Surface Geophysics Conference and Exhibition

Our journey in India commenced at the 2nd Indian Near Surface Geophysics Conference and Exhibition, with Emeralds, CEO, Andi A Pfaffhuber and our key Business Developer, Zahidur Rahman Arnob presenting our team.  

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CEO, Andi A Pfaffhuber and Business Developer, Zahidur Rahman Arnob
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Andi A Pfaffhuber presenting during the conference

During the conference, Andi presented how the integration of airborne geophysics, geotechnical data, and machine learning provides critical insights into tunnelling projects. This method is particularly effective in identifying weak rock formations, a critical factor for ensuring safety and enhancing the efficiency of infrastructure developments.

Recognition of Excellence

The highlight of the conference was when EMerald was honoured with the “Excellence in Industry Award» This award acknowledges our contribution to the field through innovative applications of geophysics and the development of new technologies.

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Andi on behalf of EMerald reciving the award

Strategic Collaborations

A significant moment of our trips was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with WAPCOS, a leader in the Indian hydropower industry. This partnership is set to combine EMeralds geophysical technology with WAPCOS´s rich experience in hydropower. This indicates a new era of innovation, efficiency and sustainability in the Indian hydropower sector.

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Andi A Pfaffhuber from EMerald and Mr. Mishra from WAPCOS signed on behalf of each company

Impactful Meetings and Discussions

Our travels in India led to many meaningful conversations and meetings.  

One of our meetings where at RITES, where we showcased the potential of our technology and how it can add value to the Indian Railways in the Design & Feasibility stage. The timing was especially noteworthy as it overlapped with Diwali, bringing a festive atmosphere to the occasion.  

Et bilde som inneholder innendørs, juletre, klær, gulvAutomatisk generert beskrivelse
Andi & Zahid at RITES
Et bilde som inneholder klær, dress, innendørs, personAutomatisk generert beskrivelse
Meeting at Indian Institute of Public Administration

Another notable meeting took place at the Indian Institute of Public Administration with Mr. Vinod Sharma, Vice Chairman of the Sikkim State Disaster Management Authority. We explored how our technology could play a critical role in identifying landslide-prone areas in Himachal and Arunachal Pradesh, thereby minimizing the impact on infrastructure and human lives.

Looking Forward

Our India visit was more than just a showcase of technology; it was a step towards building lasting relationships and laying the groundwork for future collaborations which promise to bring sustainable and efficient solutions in infrastructure.

We look forward to the exciting opportunities these collaborations will bring.

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