August 12, 2020

Subsurface diver

What do you get when you combine a passion for the environment with a fascination for meteorology?

Meet Ed Harrison, by comparing 60 years of weather data, he was able to reveal previously unseen, but important trends in arctic climate change around Svalbard.

After a BSc in Marine Geography from Cardiff, UK, Harrison took the leap to Oslo to delve deeper with an MSc in Geosciences. He now works as a combined developer and data analyst and uses his experience in a wide variety of datasets to unravel the unknowns in subsurface information – helping EMerald Geomodelling pave the way in the industry.

Subsurface diver reveals previously unseen, but important trends in existing data.

From sky to sea

A fascination for meteorology at a young age sparked his interest in the climate and geography.

Harrison has a diverse data-background, from drone-based photogrammetry to seafloor bathymetry – and everything in between.

His extensive knowledge of GIS and a curious mind work to improve the automation of data wrangling for our AI systems, as well as the interpretation and delivery of data for our clients.

“Data isn´t always as simple as visualisation may seem, I want to bring experience from working with a swathe of data types to add another aspect to what is possible to find from subsurface information.” Says Harrison.

The hunt for answers

A varied skillset means his workflow involves both the development of new data handling algorithms and the interpretation of the subsurface models these methods help produce.

“Ed is somebody who will attack and solve any challenge he may face. He brings the passion and energy to the team that a scaling start-up needs. A great employee #1 in addition to the four founders!” Says Andi Pfaffhuber, CEO of EMerald Geomodelling.

Harrison explains how his fascination for finding the ‘why’ rather than just seeing the ‘what’ is exemplified with how he, as a 13-year-old boy taught himself to read meteorological charts in order to understand and predict how the changes in the sky were happening.

“I hope that by continuing to learn the ‘why’s’ of geophysics and subsurface data, we can continue to push the industry limits in subterraneous knowledge” Says Harrison. “By achieving this, we can reduce risk in projects while simultaneously unlocking new solutions from geoscanning data to make a positive impact all over the world.”.

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