March 26, 2021

We welcome Magnus Rømoen to the board

Early in 2021, Magnus Rømoen joined the board at EMerald Geomodelling, bringing more than 15 years of knowledge and expertise to the team.

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"I am honored to be a part of EMerald Geomodelling’s future to participate in the developing of new ideas to keep the organisation at the forefront of the industry", says Rømoen. Sharing the value of the EMerald-method with the wider industry is also on the agenda. Magnus recognises that the speed and cost-efficiency of using EMerald Geomodelling’s three step approach is years ahead of traditional intrusive methods that are favoured elsewhere in the Geotech community.

Now that clients are expecting 3D solutions to guide their planning, it is our open-minded approach that Magnus is looking to drive forward with. "My priority will be to facilitate new opportunities for collaboration between EMerald Geomodelling  and NGI. Bridging this gap by sharing knowledge and best practice, increased cooperation between the two organisations will open up new projects for EMerald Geomodelling internationally,thanks to NGI’s strong global reputation", says Rømoen.

Magnus is keen to take advantage of new technological developments to further streamline EMerald Geomodelling’s work, tightly integrated with software like Leapfrog and 3D-design suites to better deliver data, something which has proved effective at NGI. And, in exciting news for aspiring geologists, new internship opportunities for PhD students and postdoctoral candidates will be launched at NGI, introducing the industry’s brightest young minds to the EMerald-method that is pushing Geomodelling further forward. 

Magnus started working as a Project Engineerwith the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute in 2006, where he remains as boardmember and BIM strategist.

EMerald Geomodelling would like to thank outgoing board member Guro Grøneng for her valuable work during the first years of EMerald Geomodelling. Magnus Rømoen replaces Guro as one of NGI’s two board members and having his insight and vision on the board makes for a very exciting future for the team, and for the Geomodelling industry.

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